Writing / Translating

Newspapers, magazines, websites, professional presentations, social networks, French / English translations or more... For mood chronicles or corporate texts, it is always in an accurate and rich language that I propose a distinguished and remarkable editorial service for your web and printed publications.



Graphic Design

In terms of graphic design, several scenarios can be envisaged when starting a new enterprise. Following a series of questions that I will ask you, I will make a research and propose you many possibilities for your web or printed project. Models, ideas, and amazing avenues to skillfully assure your success.




In addition to its design, its user-friendliness, its adaptability and its efficiency, there is a whole mechanic around the website that allows its optimization on the best search engines. Specializing in SEO, I offer my clients an efficient and constant management service to maximize their presence on the web.





[ Operationally, the creativity of an individual or a group is its ability to imagine and produce (usually on order and in a short period of time or in a given timeframe) a large number of solutions, ideas or concepts, allowing an effect or a given action to be effected efficiently, inventively and more or less unexpectedly. ]



It is since 1996 that I work in the field of graphic design, both on the web and over printed projects. I've also worked in agencies. All rewarding experiences that allow me today to offer professional creations and an exceptional service to a very diverse clientele.

Since I now only create in solo by telecommuting, I can afford to offer an unmatched quality / price ratio in the market.

My workshop is located in a dynamic environment where businesses occupies a prominent place, but also very close to the St. Lawrence River, where I spend a lot of time contemplating the waves and boats, imagining fabulous ideas for my clients and guests.

Of course, references on request !



An easy choice!


  • Online stores
    • e-commerce
    • Transactional websites
  • Attractive showcase sites
    • Business presentation
    • Products & Services
    • Contact page, maps, forms
    • Desirable presence on the web
  • Complete websites
    • Professional design
    • Reactivity & Adaptability
    • Performance & Security
    • Optimization (SEO) for exceptional indexing on the most powerful search engines in the world such as Google and Bing

  • Writing & Translating
    • Research, journalism, web writing and English / French translation for websites or printed material: inbound marketing, advertising, newspapers, magazines, webzines, professional presentation of products and services, company history, etc.

  • Exclusive graphic design
    • illustrations, logos, business cards, leaflets, catalogs, financial reports, advertisements, photos, posters, Powerpoint presentations and more.


65$ (CDN)

Regular hourly rate
The quality of an agency
at the best price on the market



45$ (CDN)

Preferential hourly rate
(business women, NPO, startups
regular clients, subcontracting)



499$ (CDN)

Your company on the web
Contact me for more details!