It is since 1996 that I work to create exclusive and professional graphic conceptions for my clients. Logos, business cards, safe and beautiful websites, photos, illustrations, research services for business writing, English / French translation for flyers, catalogs, annual reports, and more.

Today, many tools are available on the web for graphic designers when it comes time to create hard-hitting promotional material for our customers: fresh design ideas, fun and useful widgets, professional photos and vectors at favorable rates, friendly and effective mechanical for webmasters and so much more to make our everyday job easier.

Now that we can instantly acquire everything we need for our web designs to be aesthetic, effective, ergonomic, safe, and quickly indexed on the most powerful search engines, webmasters and graphic designers can afford to offer very competitive prices to small start-ups!

Here is an advantageous complete package that includes all you need to create or revamp the image of your company: a logo, a business card and a website that will adapt to various medias such as computer monitors, smartphones, tablets or even televisions! And this, at a very affordable price.

With this startup kit, let me built a desirable business image that you will be so proud to present to your clients!


I am offering you a new logo, a new business card and a new full responsive website for $899(CAD) all, all, all included!

Take advantage of this offer in a hurry:
It's for a limited time only!


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For a limited time only
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Starting a business takes effort and investment. Time. Money.

In order to contribute to the success of your great adventure, I created these affordable packages for you.

Choose from several models that I will propose you to refine your brand! Together, we will build a professional corporate visual arsenal, exclusive, attractive and perfectly suited to your business needs.

Some basic templates I created to inspire you :


Because you have the right to expect an effective, distinctive and rich visual identity from your graphic designer, this is what I am offering you to promote your services, to assist you on the marketing of your products and to ensure the success of your project. Do not hesitate to contact me for more infos!

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